Cold Shade Quick Bib Pants

¥15,400(Tax included)
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Cold Shade Quick Bib Pants

¥15,400(Tax included)

The Finer Details

"This utilizes the quick bib, which allows the top and bottom to be easily separated. It makes removing the jersey and putting it back on smoother when using the restroom. (International patent obtained: #5622983) These racer pants alleviate pressure on the stomach and are perfect for long rides. It uses a UV cutting material called “Cold Shade,” which shuts out sunlight to prevent the temperature inside the jersey from rising. Equipped with the “3D-R” pad, the pants can be worn for all-round activities thanks to the pad’s triple layer structured cushioning. "

Material / Specification

"3D-R Pad / An all-round pad with foam of different consistencies to provide comfortable cushioning. "
Thermal insulation function A function perfect for summer to stay cool. Reflects sunlight and prevents temperatures inside the clothes from rising.
UV cut Cuts UV rays, the cause of sunburn and fatigue. UPF 50+ is the maximum value.
Sweat-absorbing / fast-drying A material that absorbs and dries perspiration immediately.
Antibacterial and deodorizing A material that prevents bad smells.
Retroreflection A material that reflects light to increase visibility at night.