Our company respects the importance of your private information and strictly abides by the laws and associated regulations pertaining to the protection of personal information. We strive to ensure the proper collection, use and protection of your private information and its strict management.

  1. Our company determines operational criteria pertaining to the protection of private information and ensures that all employees abide strictly by these regulations. Additionally, we have personnel responsible for the management of private information to ensure that your private information is properly managed.
  2. When collecting private information, we clarify the objective of its use and abide by its proper collection and use within the defined scope.
  3. The company will not share your private information to third parties without obtaining authorization from you in advance, with the exception of legitimate reasons such as being required by law.
  4. If we commission outside sources to process or manage private information, we will take necessary and appropriate measures to ensure they conduct the management by conforming to our company’s policies regarding private information and its operational criteria.
  5. If you request to release, edit, delete or discontinue use of the private information you provided, we will take immediate measures upon confirming the decision with you, unless otherwise provided by the law.
  6. The maintenance of private information will be conducted through appropriate methods in the necessary period, and private information will later be safely disposed of as quickly as possible.
  7. We will continue to review and revise measures necessary to protect private information and will always make efforts to improve upon them.

The privacy policy was last updated on April 12, 2007.

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