Cycling wears that fit comfortably to my body and my senses.
Beauty, luxury and depth of expression exist within simplicity, not extravagance.
They draw out my character and reflect the real me at my best.


When you put on your cycling clothes and step onto the pedal, all the city sights that you are used to seeing transform into a field of new discoveries and excitement.
The comfortable fit of your clothes raises your motivation and channels that power into your pedaling.
It is the moment when your whole body experiences the joy of being an athlete and the splendor of having sports in your life. Thrilling days are always within reach.


Pearl Izumi supports one of the industry’s top class UCI Continental Teams as well as its brand ambassadors.



There was once a man and a bike. He rode that bike 30 km every day. To deliver 20 kg of clothing to his customers. His name was Kinji Shimizu. In his mind, he asked himself what an ideal cycling wear would be like. Through his experiences, he would go on to redefine all cycling wear. In 1950, Pearl Izumi was born.